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[Wholesale] Joybaby Soft Thin and Breathable Diapers Dry Pants Standard (L/XL/XXL/XXXL), Tape(S/M)

[Wholesale] Joybaby Soft Thin and Breathable Diapers Dry Pants Standard (L/XL/XXL/XXXL), Tape(S/M)

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Diaper Size

Welcome to JOYBABY Official Shop, where we strive to provide our customers with an array of products that satisfy the demand for quality and efficiency.

Children going in childcare and their diapers run out very fast?
Here is the solution for the diapers. We created low-cost and quality products so kids can keep changing diapers without feeling a burden to the wallet. It is very affordable and well-liked by a lot of parents.

We are selling our 2nd batch and newly launch new sizes like

Tape S(30pcs) and M(28pcs)
Pant L(25pcs), XL(24pcs), XXL(23pcs) and 3XL(21pcs)
We have Older version L side diapers which do not comes with disposal tape and thicker by a little.

Thinner in shape while holding the same amount as before
Disposal Tape is included in the NEW UPGRADE VERSION

Comparing with our Competitor
We do not use Hash chemical on the diapers which do not cause allergy
We do not encourage the use of non-chorine diapers as chorine is the most efficient and cost efficient way to kill off bacterial growth. (do not worry, the amount of chorine we used is less than what exist in the tap water)
Ultra Thin, We are thinner than most of the brand in the market and we come with disposal tape.

Weight guide
S size - 4 - 8kg (recommended 0 -5kg)
M Size - 6 -11kg (recommended 5 -9kg)
L Size - 9 - 11kg ( recommended 5 -10kg)
XL Size - 12 - 17kg ( recommended 8 - 14kg)
XXL Size - 15+ (recommended 12-16kg)
3XL Size - 17+ (recommended 16+kg)
4XL : 19KG and above

If leakage happens, it is usually due to the sizing.
Please try the next size for better fit and comfort

Extra Dry, Extra Long hours even up to 12 hours, min 4 hours of normal daily usage.
1) Speed Air Wave sheet absorbs instantly to keep the bottom completely dry
2) Stretchable gathers secure fit and prevent leakage
3) round Air Flow releases heat and moisture to prevent rash
4) Safe and non-irritating material for your baby's usage
5) long-lasting (the diapers are thin but can last min 4 hours on a typical day)
it can take in 600cc of water per diaper.

Too many diapers hard to fill in the baby bag?
This will only take half of the size of regular diapers.
easy to carry around
the bottom will not feel stuffy
will not hinder the baby's development in walking
long-lasting (min 4 hours up to 12 hours)

It can take up to 600cc of water per diaper.

The logo is on the front of the diaper.

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