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JOYBABY Laundry Capsule Pods (1 box 1.5kg)

JOYBABY Laundry Capsule Pods (1 box 1.5kg)

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The JoyBaby Mix Laundry Capsules are one of the best laundry detergents you will ever use. It's a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional laundry detergent that helps protect your washer by dissolving dirt, oil and debris prior to entering your machine. You will receive a box containing six (6) pods filled with tear-free, earth friendly, fragrance-free and safe ingredients. Each pod is used to clean up to 13 pieces of clothing with its good smell.

JoyBaby Laundry Capsule is a new ecological laundry powder with eight layers of biological enzymes. Scientifically designed to remove bacteria and mites deep in the fiber, remove dirt and stains, restore the true color of clothes, wash away odors and save energy. It greatly reduces the need for fabric softener.

Laundry capsules combine the functions of a washing powder and softener in one step, and are easy to use. Compared with standard laundry detergent, the decontamination of laundry beads is stronger. The dosage is less, but the detergency is the same. Laundry capsule can replace half of the traditional laundry solution. Save time and money!

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