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JOYBABY KF 94 Adult Ombre Mask (10pcs)(4ply)(Breathable and Comfortable)(fsr)

JOYBABY KF 94 Adult Ombre Mask (10pcs)(4ply)(Breathable and Comfortable)(fsr)

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Welcome our newest addition ombre KF94 mask
Beauty and comfort is the best way to describe our newest KF94 mask
4 ply
Fit to face design

Highly recommended by friends and family! Thank you so much for making our mask the best seller in Singapore!

Please note that we have higher pricing as we used all our material as medical grade items. Kindly do not compare us with other sellers. We aim to provide the best for our kids.

The reason why we only use the best quality items on our product because
1) Some low grade masks have caused some breathing problems in younger kids. As you know at first organisations do not recommend kids under 3 to wear masks because they might pose a risk. Therefore we only use the best material with the best fit so it will not cause any problem to younger kids who wear our products.

2) skin problem. Some lower grade masks will cost acne, redness to the skin as we adults experience. Our masks are highly recommended by a lot of parents because they do not cause these issues to happen to kids.

3) We are actively reducing our cost price by providing a better bundle to you by reducing the manpower in packaging and sending out.

BFE 99% + PFE 99%+ certified

★ Do you and your kids hate wearing masks? Our masks are here to change their mindset! ★
Our masks are made with an innovative cooling chemical to make your face stay cool even during the heat


❤ Product Information ❤
Local brand local seller. reach you in 1-2 days time
10 pcs per pack

❤ Environmental friendly ❤
We are committed to reducing waste. We do not use excessive packaging for our product. In return, we are able to provide you with a cheaper price. Our mask has a breathing hole so that the smell of the new mask will reduce.

❤ Exchange Policy ❤
1) No exchange/ return for goods are open - mask are hygiene item we do not accept return or refund
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