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[Free Gift Event] Wyeth® Ascenda (850g/1.6kg/600g(refill))(1-7+ years)

[Free Gift Event] Wyeth® Ascenda (850g/1.6kg/600g(refill))(1-7+ years)

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Free Gift Event
Minimum purchase of SGD150 Eligible together a free gift
Return/ Exchange Policy:
1) Please inform us for any damage/ wrong products within 48 hours after receiving the parcel
2) No exchange for minor dented tin (safe for consumption)
3) No Return & Refund for change of mind/buy wrong product
Environmental friendly
Note that at Joybaby, we are very environment friendly. As a result, we do not put extra carton box/ bubble wrap the refill pack as we have sent out many orders and none of the contents were broken. Thank you for your understanding and patronage at Joybaby.

🌟 Welcome Joybaby and Discover Wyeth Ascenda Milk Formula: Nourish Your Little Superstar! 🌟
Attention, amazing parents and caregivers! Say hello to Wyeth Ascenda Milk Formula, the perfect choice to support your little superstar's growth and development. Get ready for a fun-filled adventure as we dive into the world of Wyeth Ascenda!

🚀 Fuel their Imagination: Power up their Dreams! 🚀
Get ready to witness your little one soar to new heights with Wyeth Ascenda Milk Formula! Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it's like adding rocket fuel to their imagination. Watch as they embark on exciting adventures, fueled by the energy and strength our formula provides.

🎈 Attentive Nutrition: Tailored to their Needs 🎈
We understand that every child is unique, and that's why Wyeth Ascenda Milk Formula is carefully crafted to meet their specific nutritional requirements. From infants to toddlers, we've got you covered! Our formula supports brain development, bone strength, and overall well-being, ensuring your child receives the best care at every stage.

📚 Power of Knowledge: Unleash their Brilliance 📚
At Wyeth Ascenda, we believe that knowledge is power! That's why our formula is enriched with DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain development and cognitive function. With essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc, we're here to help your child reach their full potential in the most brilliant way possible!

🌈 Irresistible Delight: Taste and Texture Sensation 🌈
We know that good nutrition should also be a delightful experience! Wyeth Ascenda Milk Formula offers a delicious taste and a smooth texture that your little one will love. With each sip, they'll be treated to a burst of joy, making their nourishment a pleasurable moment. Plus, our formula is easily digestible, ensuring happy tummies all around!

🚀 Ignite your little superstar's potential with Wyeth Ascenda Milk Formula today! 🚀
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